Memorials are constantly exposed to the weather and nature and although granite, bronze and other memorial projects are made to survive the harsh weather conditions, they occasionally need to be cleaned. Throughout the year, the memorial is exposed to rain, sprinklers, shade and nearby trees, which can cause dirt, grime and lichens to cover the stone. Depending on your cemetery, we can come and clean the memorial to bring it back to its brand new look.

We have the ability to not only wash the monuments with water, but we can also sandblast clean a memorial, taking off the first layer of grime and dirt. As well, in the case of bronze memorials, we can not only wash them while in the cemetery, but can also remove them and have them refinished, bringing the bronze back to a brand new look, with a new and improved luster and finish not done years ago. Please feel free to contact us and we will review the process and pricing.



Take a Look at Some of Our Flush & Bronze Memorials

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