Traditional in many cemeteries, bronze memorials are also specific to certain garden park style cemeteries. Having worked with bronze memorials for over 60 years we have the ability to match any existing memorial and supply you with a scale drawing of your bronze memorial so you can see exactly what the memorial will look like before fabrication. Bronze memorials allow for greater flexibility with smaller font sizes and more intricate designs and emblems. Granite flush markers, one of the least costly memorial options are used to mark a single granite or a grave on a larger family lot.

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    An unveiling is an American tradition, not Jewish Law.  Our literature on "What is an Unveiling" explains the simple service in detail.  In summary, we find, as one of the largest memorial dealers servicing the Jewish community, almost all of our families do some type of unveiling, far more than we have seen over the last 20 years.  We find that most families see the unveiling as a place to see the stone, reflect and find the cemetery to be a place for more than just a funeral.